About Better Wire Products

Mission Statement
We at Better Wire Products strive for total balanced customer, employee, shareholder, and communtiy satisfaction through continuous improvement and measured qualtiy objectives.

Dedication to Our Customers
A century ago, Bertrand Wire of Pennsylvania began fabricating wire basket handles for the agricultural produce industry. In the early '50's, Bob Sanderson acquired the company, renaming it Better Wire Products, and moved the operation to Buffalo, New York. Since then, Better Wire Products has expanded its product lines to include wire forms for OEM components, and new products in the medical, orthodontic, aerospace, and hardware industries.

Working with and For Our Customers
Today Better Wire Products is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural wire products in North America. By working with growers, shippers, corrugators, and plasticulture experts, Better Wire Products has gained international prominence with our patented wire products and customized fabricated solutions.

We work to understand each customer's business as if it were our own, continually giving our customers what they want, when they want it, and at a globally competitive price. Quick turn-around and consistent quality keeps our customers returning order after order, year after year.

In-House Capabilities
Our ability to design customized tooling for your product means greater flexibility within the design process. Our engineering staff, tool designers, and machinists know the exacting details of every production machine.

For high volume parts, we have a battery of four-slide and multi-slide machines, which produce tens of millions of die formed parts each year. For short run production and prototype creation, BWP has both manual and power assisted forming equipment that requires little or no tooling.

As a fully integrated turnkey manufacturing operation, we have the capacity to expand and to handle your needs today, and into the future.

Our Service
Our service-driven philosophy and rapid turn around time on product and quote delivery has helped us develop long-standing relationships with our customers.

By continually investing in the latest software and fabrication equipment, Better Wire Products is better able to assess your manufacturing challenges and provide solutions.

If we conclude we cannot successfully meet your needs, we will do our best to guide you in the direction of someone who can. Our responsive sales and service associates are very knowledgeable and easy to work with, offering the same courtesy to every customer and order, regardless of size.

Internationally Competitive
Better Wire Product's proven success has come from years of providing exceptional customer service, innovative design, and economical product creation.

Our main facility is located in Buffalo, NY. Our low overhead and manufacturing costs enable us to offer the best value in the business of welded wire assemblies and metal products.

Innovation, quality, versatility, and competitive pricing have established Better Wire Products' place in North America as well as the international market.

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